In Nahuatl, “NANTLI” means mother. It’s a reflexion of mexican culture and tradition and exemplified by the tamal- a vibrant and unique dish that requires a specific heart and preparation that we strive to create all of our food with so that you can taste the difference. Nothing is home made until it’s mother made. At NANTLI we promise to bring you home with each bite.

Little bit more:

NANTLI Reflects Mexican culture and tradition, full of joy and life. At the same time we can see the strength, its diversity and originality in concepts, but especially in food. It is friendly in how it shows the world the wonderfulness of Mexican culture through its most typical dishes such as the tamale.

The tamale in Mexico is considered a succulent and unique dish. Since the flavors are vibrant and its preparation a reason for celebration. In Mexico since ancient times this dish has been present, the preparation may have varied, but the essence has never changed.

NANTLI will be one of the great representatives of Mexico abroad, with one of its best element, culinary art, managing to transmit the folklore, passion and fun that is lived day by day.